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A hommage to Alfred Escher

Interdisciplinary university project

Zurich University of the Arts

I created «The Escher Project» in 2019 in collaboration with two scientific illustration students. Due to the 200-year-anniversary of Alfred Escher, we were assigned to create something that remembered his life an career.


the first step

In the first step of the process, we separately collected ideas related to the life and career of Alfred Escher. Consequently, each of us individually came up with first ideas for a composition. The far right one was my proposition.

the second step

In the second step, we compared the three sketches and picked our favourite elements from each one. We then went through the same process again and sketched another three compositions. 

Final Composition Sketch

Finally, this was the result that was ready to be illustrated properly. The two illustration students devoted themselves to all the painted elements while I did the drawn ones.


I animated several elements of the painting in Adobe After Effects. It was clear from the beginning that the movements should be slow and subtle as well as constantly played in a loop. Last but not least, some very subtle but essential sound design was added to highlight the moving elements in the painting.

the final sketch
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