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An animated music video set in outer space.


Mo Klé

My first animated music video and bigger animation project, realised in summer 2018.

Inspired by Mo Klé's EP title «Fighter in the Sky», the music video explores all the curious things you can find in outer space. 


aesthetic desicions

My client’s wish was to keep the colours of the video to black and white. This was due to the fact that there were already existing illustrations for the EP-cover and each song individually. We soon settled on a setting in space because we both liked the relation to the title of his EP “Fighter in the Sky”. Additionally, my client imagined the video to be rather abstract and artistic.

There were two different animation methods used in the making of this film. Most illustrations were entirely animated in Adobe After Effects after being drawn digitally in Adobe Photoshop. Some of the animations in the video were created using the frame-by-frame method. Predominantly, they are objects that turn around 360°. 

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